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Century & Half Old Bible 

Global Reach

The reach of this Bible PDF has extended across more than 90 countries, encompassing diverse regions such as China and India!


Not only have thousands of believers expressed interest, but Nonbelievers and atheists have also shared that they were intrigued by the unique and interesting appearance of this Bible, prompting them to read it. Several of them later reached out to express gratitude, as they either read the Bible for the first time or rekindled their interest in reading it again.


We want to reach hearts and minds worldwide, inviting people from all walks of life to explore the wisdom and guidance found within the pages of the Bible. Through engaging and impactful content, we seek to connect with individuals, inspiring them to discover the power and relevance of faith in their lives. Together, we embark on a journey of growth, unity, and transformation through the timeless teachings of the Scriptures.

About Aspire Faith

Hi, my name is Brandon

At Aspire Faith, our mission is to shine brightly in a world often clouded by darkness, especially in the online and social media spaces. We are committed to empowering individuals to overcome obstacles, live with intention, and unlock their true potential through faith-based principles.

We firmly believe that each person has a unique purpose and journey in life. Our dedication lies in offering valuable content, resources, and programs that nurture spiritual, mental, and emotional growth.

And this is just the beginning! Join us on this journey of illumination and transformation as we aspire to make a positive impact in the lives of many. Together, we will create a brighter future filled with hope, love, and inspiration.

Our ultimate goal is to eventually be able to dedicate ourselves full-time, propelling Aspire Faith to new heights and extending its reach far and wide.

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I meticulously took high-quality photos of each page, and I'm currently working towards acquiring a professional book scanner. This investment will enable me to create an enhanced PDF version with improved clarity and aesthetics. Gone will be the clunky appearance, replaced by clean and square scans that do justice to the beauty of this remarkable book.

Download the century-and-a-half-old pictorial family Bible.

  •  Over 2500 illustrations

  • Hundreds of pages with additional information on land, buildings, churches, denominations, translators, plants, currency, symbols, world events, people, etc.

  • Apocrypha books

  • Bible Dictionary

Out of the entire book, only 4 pages bundled together have fallen off the binding at the beginning of the book and are out of place in part 1. (sorry about that)

The 4 pages are in order and fit in numerical order after you see the tabernacle images (from the same section).

The photos had to be split into 5 PDF's because of their size.

  • Part 1 - Historical / Background info 

  • Part 2 - Old Testament

  • Apocrypha

  • Part 3 - New testament

  • Dictionary of the Bible

A % of donations will go to good causes, feeding

a family, outreach programs, etc.


Help us Make A Difference

By supporting us, you contribute to a greater purpose of spreading positivity and inspiration worldwide. Aspire Faith aims to be a guiding light, empowering individuals to grow, overcome obstacles, and live with intention.

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