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Forgotten Wisdom That Has Been Passed Down For Thousands of Years

Take Heed, Brothers & Sisters...
In a World Diverging from God & Ethics, Facing Rising Violence, Harshening Weather Patterns, Growing Global Strains, and Looming Global Shortages...

Let us Not Be Like the Foolish, Walking Blindly.
Be Prepared, Be Resilient, Be Informed

Ecclesiastes 11:2: "Give a portion to seven, or even to eight, for you know not what disaster may happen on earth."

Highly Rated Survival Wisdom Series For Christians

Check it Out Risk Free:  
The Author and his team provide a 60 day Money back Gaurantee if you truly believe you found no value within these books.....

"These all-inclusive digital books are packed with pivotal insights, designed to help you maintain resilience and faith while also cultivating essential survival skills for times of upheaval. Their aim is to arm you with the knowledge necessary to fortify your future and increase your chances of survival during crises or times of instability.

As a husband and a father of four, I am acutely aware of my responsibility to safeguard my family. While I may not be a seasoned prepper, the increasing turbulence in our world has urged me to be more prepared and to guide others to do the same. I hope to see many of you join me on this journey. 

Given the current global climate, and as history repeats itself, the potential for significant crisis events is a matter of 'when' rather than 'if'. Whether you're new to prepping or have been at it for a while, the insights within these books carry a depth of wisdom I passionately believe everyone should have at their disposal."

Stone Wall
Proverbs 21:20 - "The wise store up choice food and olive oil, but fools gulp theirs down." The wise, according to this verse, are those who prepare and store provisions for the future.
  1. Unpredictability of Life & The Importance of Preparedness
    "Take heed. In our worlds history there are many examples of life altering events or crisis, some caused by humans and some by nature. For instance... one major volcano eruption like in 1816 (the year without sun) could throw the world into a dark age for several years with massive food shortages. Or suppose you suddenly lost all modern conveniences due to a major solar flare or EMP - electricity, phones, internet, water. What would be your first, fifth, or even twenty-seventh response? Contemplate these questions deeply."


  2. The Reality of Survival & The Stakes
    "The stark reality is this: If you're unsure of your first few dozen actions during a crisis, your family might already be in danger. When calamity strikes, your initial task will be securing clean water for your family, followed by food, shelter, first aid supplies, and medicine. The answer is not to hoard these necessities. My guide will elucidate why stockpiling can lead to more problems."


  3. A Different Outcome & The Path to Thriving
    "Yet, envision this - none of these struggles have to transpire. With the aid of the 'Prepping for the Christian Believer' Book, you can empower your family to prosper during tribulations. Imagine already having solutions for water, food, and first aid. Imagine knowing how to maintain your home's temperature and knowing your family's safety is assured."


  4. The Call to Action & The Value Proposition
    "I implore you to ask yourself - how much is this peace of mind worth? How much would you pay to ensure your family's safety, to have a robust plan for the End Times? While invaluable, this knowledge need not come at a high price. The 'Prepping for the Christian Believer' Book is priced as low as possible to aid as many as possible."


  5. Risk-Free Guarantee & Purchase Encouragement
    "Your satisfaction is guaranteed. You have 60 days to evaluate the guides. If you feel it isn't helpful, your money will be promptly refunded, secured by clickbank. But I am confident that for a mere $37, the peace of mind and lifesaving knowledge it provides are well worth the investment. It was for me and my family (Aspire Faith)"


  6. Additional Bonuses & Final Appeal
    "As a bonus, you'll receive two additional books - '30 Day Emergency Plan' and 'Survival Mindset.' These guides will further equip you for imminent challenges. We stand at the precipice of change. The question is - are you ready to secure your family's safety according to God's plan? Make your decision today and arm yourself with the knowledge needed for the Times of Tribulation."

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